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ホームNewsVision Engineering named Best Stereo Microscope & Measuring Systems Manufacturer

Vision Engineering named Best Stereo Microscope & Measuring Systems Manufacturer

By3月 26, 2019News

Ergonomic designs honoured in Global Health and Pharma Magazine’s Biotechnology Awards

Vision Engineering has been named Best Stereo Microscopes & Measuring Systems Manufacturer 2019 by Global Health and Pharma Magazine (GHP).

The awards are based on nominees’ contributions to their sector and winners are selected by a panel of five judges led by an academic.

Vision Engineering was selected based on its continued commitment to innovation and excellence, in particular for its development of the Mantis ergonomic stereo microscope and the TVM non-contact measurement system. The Mantis stereo microscope maximises the comfort of operators by replacing traditional eyepieces with a patented viewing system which allows users to move their heads freely, maintain a natural posture, wear prescription spectacles, and retain peripheral vision of their working area.

First launched 25 years ago, the Mantis stereo microscope has been continually developed and enhanced by Vision Engineering’s in-house research and development team, following the company’s design philosophy which is to make world-class inspection and measurement systems that are easy and comfortable to use.

Mantis eyepiece-less stereo microscopesThe Mantis has continued to evolve in appearance, capability and applicability, maintaining its status as market leader in the medical device manufacture, dental equipment and life sciences markets. The range now includes Mantis Compact, Mantis Elite and Mantis Elite-Cam HD.

The TVM Field of View (FOV) video measurement systems save time and space in the laboratory, and are exceptionally easy to use, to eliminate user errors. TVM’s flat field telecentric lens and collimated sub-stage lighting facilitate instant, non-contact measurement of components of any shape or form, such as injection moulded plastic components, tubes and stents. TVM can be configured to suit specific biotechnological applications and components can be instantly measured within the field of view, without needing to adjust focus or change the position of the subject under inspection.

TVM FOV measuring system with logoGHP is an information sharing platform, used by an international community of members from industry, academia, professional bodies and the public sector, working across healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. GHP Magazine’s Biotechnology Awards recognise innovative companies, clinicians, chemists, researchers, manufacturers and engineers who are leading the field in biotechnology, bio agriculture, bio services and biopharmaceutical industries.

Award co-ordinator, Steve Simpson, GHP Magazine, comments, “Our awards recognise all aspects of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, without whom, many of the life-changing innovations and developments would simply not be possible.”

Commenting on the award, Mark Curtis, managing director of Vision Engineering said:

Our medical and pharmaceutical clients require the utmost assurance of quality. We are delighted to receive this recognition of Vision Engineering’s longstanding and ongoing commitment to making the highest quality precision inspection and measurement systems which are also intuitive and ergonomic.”