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ホームカテゴリーなしThe World’s Smallest Replica of Michelangelo’s David Joins the Vision Engineering Team

The World’s Smallest Replica of Michelangelo’s David Joins the Vision Engineering Team

There was a surprise visitor at yesterday’s DRV-Z1 launch in Italy.  Leaving behind his ‘original’ in Florence, the world’s smallest replica of Michelangelo’s David joined us at our offices in Milan.

Thanks to Exaddon, pioneers of additive micro-manufacturing, Little David is set to become a part of the Vision Engineering team for the foreseeable future.

Exaddon created Little David in pure copper using the 3D metal printing CERES system. This diminutive version of Michelangelo’s David is 1000µm tall and tops the scale at only 12µg.  Being so petite is it impossible to see any detail with the naked eye, but his beauty shines out when seen under the microscope.

Making his Milan debut under the DRV-Z1 Little David certainly made on impact, so much so he almost stole the show!

The DRV-Z1 allowed everyone to appreciate Little David’s beauty in high resolution digital stereo 3D, whilst the vivid depth perception really brought him to life.

At the maximum optical magnification of 92.5X David is seen clearly in three dimensions allowing users to understand his diminutive form. Control of the exposure and lighting means that even with this highly reflective subject the image is clear. For his close up shots we took advantage of the 2x digital zoom.

If you wish you’d been in Milan to catch a glimpse of David, here’s some good news! Little David will be the focus of a worldwide tour, making appearances at numerous exhibitions over the next 8 months.

During his tour Little David will be showing off under the lens of the DRV-Z1, the Lynx EVO and the EVO Cam II.

When viewing in 3D with Lynx EVO the benefit of the maximum magnification of 240X can be fully utilised to see Little David at his best. When using the 360 viewer the addition of the 2X multiplier is useful to see the detail all around the little man.

With EVO Cam it takes 400X for David to fill a 25” screen and the 360 viewer is great to rotate around this tiny figure.

If you’d like to catch a glimpse of the world’s smallest replica of Michelangelo’s David, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to keep abreast of the tour details.